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Viviana Perez

Credit Repair Specialist

PHONE: 956-862-7407


I Speak: English & Spanish

My name is Viviana A Perez. I am a credit repair specialist and financial advisor. My greatest desire is to help you achieve all your goals and dreams. I will make it possible to boost your credit score. It is my goal to remove erroneous information from your credit report.


“Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done.”

I go by this quote because I don’t stop working for my clients. Time is crucial and I need to make sure I get you to where you need to be. Transparency is key and I will make it possible for you to accomplish your goals because at the end of the day your goal is mine. The most rewarding feeling is being part of all my clients’ achievements.

Are you willing to accept anything less than the credit you want, the credit you need and the credit you deserve? 

Girl with Arms Stretched Out


Thanks to Viviana for answering all my questions and concerns & answering everything thoroughly!!! Definitely recommend!

- Alondra Perez 

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